Goal: zero energy housing

Goal: zero energy housing

The objective of zero energy housing comes in a context of tension on prices, taxation, as well as in longer term on the availability of fossil fuels. In addition, ecological requirements now lead to drastically limit housing dependence on carbon energies.


Whether it is a new construction or, if the site is suitable a major renovation, it is very often possible and economically rational to cover building's energy needs by local renewable resources (solar, geothermal ...).


This guide aims to guide you in the choice of a zero energy real estate project taking into account your budget and your ecological priorities.

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Qu’est-ce qu’un bâtiment zéro énergie ?

Goal: zero energy housing

Housing usually needs two types of energy :

  • Thermal energy for heating, possible cooling, ventilation and hot water production.
  • Electrical energy for lighting and operation of household appliances.


When, on an annual basis, the building covers all of its thermal energy needs thanks to local renewable resources (solar panels, geothermal energy, heat pump …) it is considered a zero thermal energy building..


If photovoltaic electricity production also covers the needs of domestic electrical energy, it meets the general criterion: zero energy building.


Current regulatory and administrative requirements ensure efficient insulation but remain theoretical. Our approach will aim at optimizing the building’s real energy balance.

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Comment sont construits les logements zéro énergie ?

Goal: zero energy housing

A zero energy housing requires a building with very high energy performance. It will therefore be necessary to focus on preventing all sources of heat loss by ensuring :

  • Complete insulation of the building envelope.
  • Absence of thermal breaks.
  • Airtightness associated with controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) high-performance double flow.

It will also be necessary to optimize the thermal energy production techniques: Heat pump, domestic hot water tank thermodynamic


Finally, in the zero energy goal, it will be necessary to install low-energy household appliances and lighting fixtures.


Les bâtiments pilotes : des résultats chiffrés

Goal: zero energy housing

To identify the most suitable construction techniques for zero energy goals, Akerra has invested in several pilot projects using different approaches.


Discover them in detail…

Small group of six zero-energy thermal apartments for rental

This building is equipped with a geothermal heat pump with free cooling option and photovoltaic panels: Geothermal collective pilot building.

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Renovated single-family house for rental targeting zero thermal energy

This house is equipped with a geothermal heat pump and photovoltaic panels: Heavy renovation pilot building.

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Real estate development of 7 zero energy houses

Each house is equipped with HVAC, a thermodynamic sanitary water tank and photovoltaic panels to cover its domestic electricity needs. A wood pellet oven can also be installed to even reduce the energie bill: Zero energy pilot buildings.

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Zero energy townhouse

Floor heated using a geothermal heat pump with free cooling option and photovoltaic panels.

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