Rudy Dépasse : Manager FRD Construct

Akerra is a collective of entrepreneurs and private individuals willing to promote zero energy housing for all.

« The data consolidated by Akerra measuring system allowed us to understand the real behavior of our FUSION buildings based on different orientation or different energy input. This allows us to improve and adjust the buildings and their insulation to make the housing more efficient and effective. Without Akerra, I would not have been able to understand the difference in performance of the FUSION block compared to a house made of traditional masonry or wood frame. Thank you Akerra. »


Gregory Moyano : Heating engineer

« Akerra projects are always highly motivating. The constant search for optimal performances joined with the intent to design simple and robust solutions is really driving us forward. »


Yves-Loïc Martin : Investor

« Real estate investment is not liquid and each transaction is expensive. From a long-term perspective and taking into account energy cost and its taxation the choice of zero energy is the most rational. »


Tibere Maistrello : Project manager

« The objective and ambitions of "Maisons en Touraine" fits perfectly into a context of energy transition. The Akerrâ best practice guide, allows to realize buildings with low consumption, even zero energy; Thanks the to innovative formwork in EPS Fusion it is possible to reach such level of thermic performance. »


Nicolas Spies : Conseiller Energie & Qualité - Confédération Construction Wallone

« I am convinced that Akerra approach, which is entirely coherent, enables to build high-performance housing by optimizing the use of renewable energies. »


Jacques Vercruisse : Geogreen Manager



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