Pilot building #3 :

    Real estate development of 7 zero energy houses




    This project to build a housing estate of 7 houses in the town of Thuin (Wallonia) was initiated in 2018. The site is well exposed and is therefore compatible with the zero energy goal. However, only the model house will be equipped with solar panels in order not to impose this additional investment on the future buyer.


    The 7 houses (3 villas and 2 pairs of houses 3 facades) are designed on the basis of different plans and orientations. In particular houses whose main axis is oriented north-south have a flat roof in order to install solar panels with optimum efficiency.

    Technical sheet

    The heated surface of the model house is 138 m². The energy performance objective (<35 kWh / m².an) corresponds to an overall limit for the building of 4.9 MWh / year. The thermal installations have however been dimensioned for a less restrictive objective of 50 kWh / m². year or 7 MWh / year.


    As the site has a good exposure we did not use geothermal but we install heat pumps air and water hybrid and reversible. The building was then constructed by pouring concrete into insulating formwork blocks:

    • Construction technique : Insulating concrete forms
    • Insulation walls: outer 15 cm EPS and inner 5 cm
    • PVC windows frame: Triple glazing coefficient U = 0.7
    • Slate or flat roof insulated by 15 cm of Polyurethane



    Results and findings

    These houses are still under construction.



    Insulation schema



    Thermic schema



    Electric schema



    Performance monitoring

    The metering system deployed collects every 15 minutes energy consumption data, temperature and humidity of each apartment.