Pilote building #4 :

    Zero energy townhouse




    This project in preparation consists in building a 210 m2 townhouse in a dense urban situation on a bare plot framed by two buildings on each side. The south-facing garden should allows optimum performance for 20 solar panels. This favorable orientation is compatible with the zero energy objective. The house will therefore be equipped with a geothermal heat pump with free cooling connected to a reversible heating floor as well as an optimized natural ventilation. The expected heating performance is of 40 kWh/m² year and if the energy consumption practices of future tenants are reasoned it is expected that this house reaches the zero energy goal.


    Technical sheet

    • Construction technique : Insulating concrete forms
    • Insulation walls: outer 20 cm EPS and inner 6 cm
    • Aluminium windows frame: Triple glazing coefficient U = 0.7
    • Slate roof insulated by 15 cm of Polyurethane



    Results and learnings

    These project is still in its preparation phase therefore no results are yet available.



    Insulation schema



    Thermic schema



    Electric schema



    Performance monitoring

    The metering system deployed collects every 15 minutes energy consumption data, temperature and humidity of the townhouse.